Visa holders affected by COVID-19

Visa holders affected by COVID-19

Is your visa expiring before your intended departure from Australia?

There are no exceptions in place for expired visa holders. If you are in Australia and your visa is about to expire, you will need to apply for another visa to remain lawfully in Australia. If you do not apply for another visa you could become unlawful, and even subject to immigration detention. We understand that you may already be facing various difficulties during this time, but importantly we are here to ensure that you maintain your lawful status in Australia.

Please contact us for a consultation so that we may determine the most appropriate visa in your circumstances. 

Do you have family members stuck outside of Australia needing to enter Australia?

The travel ban that came into effect on Friday 20 March 2020 at 9pm AEDT means that only Australian citizens, Permanent Residents and their immediate family members are able to enter Australia. New Zealand citizens who are ordinarily residents in Australia are able to enter Australia. For further details, please refer to our COVID-19 (Coronavirus​) Immigration Updates page on the travel restrictions.

De facto partners

Unlike married couples or children who can evidence their relationship via a marriage or birth certificate, de facto partners are not able to establish their relationship as easily. We can assist you in providing the right evidence and making submissions to the Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Border Force (ABF) in order to facilitate the re-entry of your de facto partner into Australia. 

Other temporary visa holders

The Commissioner of the ABF may consider additional exemptions to the travel restrictions if there are compelling and compassionate reasons, such as affecting Australia’s interests, however the exemptions must be granted prior to travellers undertaking travel to Australia. If a traveller attempts to enter Australia before an exemption is granted their visa will be cancelled on arrival, and they could face immigration detention.

We can provide personalised advice about whether an exemption may apply to you or your family member in your circumstances, and assist you in making the application to the Commissioner for an exemption to be granted.

Please book in a consultation with one of our experienced immigration lawyers for further advice.

Are you on a working visa and your working conditions have changed?

Under the TSS visa program visa holders are required to be employed on a full-time basis and under current policy, such employment arrangements are expected to continue for the entire period of the TSS visa.

If your working conditions have changed, you may be required to notify the Department of Home Affairs or find a new sponsor.

Please book in a consultation with one of our experienced immigration lawyers for further advice.