Significant changes to the Partner, Parent and other Family visas from 17 April 2019

Significant Changes to the Partner, Parent and other Family visas

After over 2 years in the pipeline, it has just been announced that that the Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Act 2018, will commence on 17 April 2019.

What visas will this affect?

The visas that will be affected include (but are not limited to):

  1. Partner (Sc820/801, Sc309/100)
  2. Prospective Marriage (Sc300)
  3. Parent (Sc143, 173, 804, 884, 864)
  4. Child (Sc101, 802)
  5. Dependent Child (Sc445)
  6. Remaining Relative (Sc115, Sc835)
  7. Carer (Sc116, 836)
  8. Orphan Relative (Sc117, 837)
  9. Adoption (Sc102)
  10. Aged Dependent Relative (Sc838)

What does this mean?

From 17 April 2019, a family sponsorship will need to be approved before a visa can be lodged. The biggest effect will likely be to applicants looking to lodge applications while holding a temporary visa in Australia. With the sponsorship processing times uncertain at this stage, applicants may not be able to lodge any visas onshore during the validity of their visa. Increased sponsorship obligations will also apply to sponsors under the new legislation. More details will be available in future posts.

What can I do if I am planning to lodge one of the above visas?

We strongly encourage applicants who meet the visa criteria to apply before 17 April 2019. If you require advice or assistance with your application, feel free to book a consultation with us and we can assist in expediting your application.