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Immigration Services for the Education & Childcare Industry

Tailored Workplace Training in Bullying, Harassment, & Discrimination.

Ensuring that staff understand their workplace obligations is critical. A large number of workplace disputes, and potential liability for employers, show that organisations are best served by a pro-active approach to workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination. As education providers to the next generation, schools are expected to follow best-practice in leading the way through example.

Hammond Taylor was engaged by a Melbourne based private school to conduct workplace training for teaching staff. The schools executive had become aware of an increased rate of absenteeism and further investigation showed that’s staff felt the workplace culture had declined substantially and that tensions between various groups had recently worsened.

Immigration Services for the Education & Childcare Industry

Our lead consultant worked with the school’s executive office to understand the ongoing issues within the organisation. We developed a series of tailored presentations covering both the organisations code of conduct and principles and the internal behavioural policies. To make the presentations more engaging the lead consultant used examples from recent case law to demonstrate the types of risks staff face by breaching internal policies or engaging in unlawful conduct such as bullying, harassment or discrimination.

To improve staff engagement the presentation was supplemented with group activities including a quiz to encourage participation and case study examples. Staff were encouraged to model ideal behaviour in responding to the case studies by applying pre-existing knowledge of the school’s policies as well as the information learnt through the session. Staff were provided with information about the location of key policies and encouraged to review them on an annual basis or more frequently if they were unsure of their responsibilities.