Architecture & Design

Immigration Services for the Architecture & Design Industry

Subclass 400 Temporary Work

Businesses require access to the full suite of visa options in order to effectively manage work demands. Our client, an international architecture firm, was engaged to work on a major CBD project. The project required close collaboration with a number of international contractors as well as the firm’s overseas offices.

During the project, several critical phases required rapid but short term services from overseas staff acting on the project. Given the urgent need for the international staff member to arrive in Australia to deliver services the 457 visa was not an option. The business gave consideration to bringing the staff member in using the Business Activity stream of the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

Hammond Taylor was engaged to assist with the assessment of the relevant visa and to assist in preparing and lodging the visa application. After liaison with local and international project stakeholders, it became obvious that the staff member would be working, not engaging in business activities, and that the ETA was not a compliant visa for these purposes.

Hammond Taylor assisted the visa applicant and the local business to prepare relevant supporting documents and prepare the visa application for lodgment with the Department of Immigration’s overseas office. The application was processed quickly as all necessary documents were provided at the time of application. The staff member was able to travel to Australia in less than 5 business days to provide services for 3 months, enough time to complete the critical work on the project.