Agriculture & Horticulture

Immigration services for the Agriculture & Horticulture Industry

Workplace Investigation

In the agriculture sector, seasonal work demands mean that businesses are required to engage large numbers of temporary staff on short term bases. These peak periods can lead to numerous stresses on business, demonstrating gaps in internal processes and training.

Hammond Taylor was approached by an intensive agriculture business after the organisation was received high profile complaints of sexual harassment by senior staff towards a seasonal staff member.

Prior to undertaking the engagement we liaised with key business stakeholders to understand the businesses process framework, organisational structure, and remit of the investigation.

Immigration Services for the Agriculture Industry

On engagement, our lead investigator conducted interviews with the complainant and respondent as well as a large number of seasonal workers. Due to language barriers it was necessary to work through translators to ensure clear communication between the investigator and interviewees.

Interviews were conducted in a systematic and planned manner to cover all relevant areas of concern and provide formalised records of interview. On conclusion of the investigation, Hammond Taylor delivered our written findings to the business along with the reasons for these findings and recommendations on the basis of the business’s own internal policies and relevant sexual harassment laws. In addition, we provided recommendations regarding training for future staff intakes, providing information in simple English as well as relevant languages, to ensure that all parties understood their workplace rights and obligations.

Our engagement proved highly fruitful to our client who was able to resolve the problem and identify key areas for improvement in their onboarding and training processes to limit future issues.