New Australian visa options for Hong Kong passport holders

The Australian government recently announced that it is proposing new visa options and extension options to Hong Kong students and skilled workers, allowing them to remain in Australia with pathways to permanent residency.

Student visa options

  • Current and prospective students will be eligible for a 5 year temporary graduate visa upon successful completion of their tertiary education, and will have a pathway to permanent resident after 5 years.
  • Commencing from 9 July 2020, those already holding a temporary graduate visa will have an extension of up to 5 years, plus the time already spent in Australia.
  • Students studying at a regional campus and who want to live and work in regional Australia will be eligible for permanent residency after 3 years.

Skilled worker visa options

  • From 9 July 2020, those currently holding temporary skilled visas will be eligible for an extra 5 years, on top of the time spent in Australia and will have a pathway to permanent residency at the end of the 5 years.
  • Future applicants from Hong Kong will be eligible for a 5 year visa subject to:
  • Having qualifications on the occupational skills list and meeting labour market testing requirements; or
  • Qualifying through the Global Talent temporary visa scheme (for those with exceptional talent where the salary paid by the sponsoring employer is above the Fair Work High Income Threshold of $153,600).
  • Future applicants from Hong Kong will also be eligible for permanent residency after 5 years.

Hammond Taylor will continue to monitor the situation and will provide further advise once further details about the above changes are announced.


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