​Global Talent – Employer Sponsored (GTES) visa

The scheme was launched as a 12 month pilot in 2018 with the government recently announcing it will continue with the scheme until further notice.

Distinguished Talent visas are available to individuals with an outstanding record of global achievement. A very limited number of visas are granted each year for those with an exceptional level of achievement in their field of expertise.

This visa provides permanent residency to the applicant and their dependent family members.


The GTES visa is part of the Temporary Skill Shortage (‘TSS’) 482 Visa Program and is essentially a labour agreement for companies seeking to hire individuals in niche or highly skilled positions. The main benefit of the GTES program over the standard TSS program is that certain requirements can be relaxed where a business obtains a GTES agreement.

Established businesses with a turnover of $4 million can apply for up to 20 visas for foreign workers annually, while start-ups in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics field can apply for five.

GTES agreements will generally allow the business to negotiate;

  1. 4-year initial visas for any occupation regardless of grouping
  2. Variation of eligibility requirements for the GTES visa
  3. Permanent residency pathways for occupations which aren’t on the Medium and Long term skills list (MLTSSL)
  4. Flexibility with the standard 45 year age requirement for subsequent permanent residency applications


The GTES pathway also has some additional requirements in order to have the agreements approved, including;

Businesses must be accredited with the Department or an approved start-up business as well as;

  • Have AUD $4 Million in turnover for the past two financial years for established businesses
    • Be in receipt of certain investment funds and grants for start-ups
    • Showing that the existing 482 visa subclass or other visa programs are not suitable for the positions
  • Higher minimum earnings requirement for the visa applicant;
    • AUD $80,000 per annum for start-ups including up to AUD $26,000 in equity
    • AUD $148,000 per annum for established businesses

How we can help

Hammond Taylor has years’ of experience in the 457/482 visa program, lodging labour agreements, as well as having assisted one of the few companies to have obtained a GTES agreement approval under this program.

Hammond Taylor can assist with the full process of the Global Talent Employer Sponsored visa including;

  • Preparation and lodgement of Accredited Business Sponsorship application
  • Advice and drafting of GTES agreement for approval with the Department.
  • The nomination and visa application process, from preparation and lodgement through to a decision, for each candidate.

Contact Hammond Taylor or book a consultation today for further information about the Global Talent – Employer Sponsored visa scheme and whether it is right for you.

Global Talent Independent Program

The Department of Home Affairs has announced a new program, the Global Talent Independent (GTI) program to attract the best talent from around the world. The program offers a streamlined, priority visa pathway for highly skilled and talented individuals to work and live permanently in Australia.

Global Talent Independent (GTI) program

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