Employer Sponsored Immigration

We are experts in Australian Corporate Immigration

Hammond Taylor have the expertise to assist with all aspects of Corporate Migration, from Short Stay Activity visas for short term and urgent work, to Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency, and developing Corporate Immigration Policies.

457 Visa Program

We can assist businesses of all sizes to obtain Business Sponsorship to enable sponsorship of skilled overseas workers where the business is unable to source suitable Australian employees.

Our experience ranges across a broad range of industries, organisation types, sizes, from entry level positions to the C-suite. Our clients include local start-ups, small and medium businesses and multinationals entering the Australian market or re-enforcing their long term presence in the local market through the movement of executives to manage the local business. We understand the interplay of the complex immigration legislation, regulation, and policies and the practical impact on day-to-day business.

We can assist with all aspects of the 457 visa program from assessment to application, advice on the Business Sponsorship Obligations and how they apply to your organisation or any given situation, compliance, audit and internal policies.

The Australian Government recently announced future changes to the 457 visa program. Read our blog to learn more about the changes.

Employer Sponsored Immigration

Employer Nominated Permanent Residency

We can advise on the best avenue for staff to obtain permanent residency through the Employer Nomination Scheme or through the concessional Regional Skilled Migration Scheme in regional and rural areas.

We assist both business and sponsored employees through the challenging and ever changing regulatory and policy requirements to obtain permanent residency and secure long term stability for employers.

Labour Agreements

Labour Agreements are negotiated directly with the Department of Home Affairs. They enable employers to source skilled labour which falls outside the strict criteria of the 457 visa. Through a process of negotiation, it is possible to negotiate an agreement with concessions on specific elements such as occupation, English language ability, remuneration, or other factors.

The Labour Agreement process is more complex than the 457 visa program as it does not operate under strict regulatory controls and involve negotiation on a number of different points. Timeframes are typically longer for Labour Agreements and agreements are granted for a period of 3 years with a focus on specific occupations, or a limited number of occupations.

For further information on how we can assist with the Labour Agreement process contact Hammond Taylor to discuss your situation.

Subclass 400 Short Stay Activity Visa

Our expertise includes Short Stay Activity Visas to assist businesses to complete short term non-ongoing work in Australia where local staff cannot be sourced or do not have the appropriate skills. These visas are typically granted for 6 months or less and involve work which is limited in scope and duration. The visas are frequently suitable for project based work, fulfilling contractual obligations, or scoping activities where work must be undertaken urgently.

Short Stay Activity visas differ from most other Australian visas as the documentation and requirements may vary depending on the overseas post responsible for processing the visas.