Corporate Immigration

Immigration solutions tailored for organisational needs

Hammond Taylor specialises in providing immigration services to organisations of all types, companies, not-for-profits, start-ups, offshore ventures, and government entities.

With our combined experience the Hammond Taylor team has assisted some of the largest companies in the world as well as some of the smallest, smartest, start-ups, regional and rural businesses, and overseas giants.

We understand the challenge of running a business in a compliance heavy environment – we do it every day. We understand the pressure points for business as well as what the Department of Home Affairs expects. That’s why we can assist your organisation to prepare, pre-empt, and lodge the best application possible to improve your chances of success.

Our assistance includes all aspects of Australian visa applications

We can and do assist with all Australian visa types, from the standard Temporary Skill Shortage (‘TSS’) 482 Visa (replaced the 457 Temporary Work visa), customised Labour Agreements to access skills not usually available through the 482 visa program, the Short Stay 400 visas to get staff to Australia on time, as well as Activity visasTraining visasInvestor and Business Skills visas. We can assist your organisation to understand what is required, how to put it together, and how to get the applications your business needs, approved.

Compliance, Audit, and Training

Compliance with immigration law is evolving. New requirements are frequently introduced and the government is increasing the level of documentation and monitoring required all the time. We assist businesses to simplify the process, understand what is critical, and how to track and manage it. We can conduct mock audits that replicate the Department’s monitoring to ensure the business meets the Sponsorship Obligations to identify and address areas of concern.

Contact us for assistance with your organisation’s immigration policy, training, or audit needs.

US Immigration services

In conjunction with our partner firm, David Immigration Law, we provide access to US Immigration services. US immigration is key for Australian organisations looking to grow. We work with a specialist US immigration law practice to assist you to understand the US immigration system.

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