Corporate Services

A full suite of immigration and workplace services tailored to your business

Hammond Taylor provide a customised suite of corporate immigration services covering all aspects of Australian immigration for businesses, organisation and government entities.

We also provide workplace focused solutions to enable your business to be more efficient, fair, and effective with dispute resolution, mediation, workplace coaching and training services.

Visas support for all business and organisation based activities

Our expertise includes employer sponsorship for temporary and permanent work visas, activity visas for training, sports, entertainers and other short work and visitor activities. We are also experts in the broader immigration portfolio and can assist organisations to understand current immigration law and policy and comply with relevant Australian immigration regulations.

We can assist businesses to implement and review immigration policies and processes, conduct mock internal audits to identify and address areas of risk or provide immigration training to key staff to ensure full organisation awareness of immigration obligations at every level of the business. We also assist businesses, industry stakeholders and other community organisations to make representations to government about immigration policy and law reform.

US Immigration services

In conjunction with our partner firm, David Migration Law, we provide access to US Immigration services to both individuals and organisations. If you require assistance with US immigration matters contact us today.

Workplace Services

Our expertise extends to workplace support services including workplace training in critical areas such as bullying, harassment and discrimination as well as assistance to promote workplace harmony and build a positive and productive workplace culture.

Hammond Taylor’s workplace consultants also have experience assisting business where workplace conduct requires mediation, dispute resolution, or investigation services. Outsourcing these steps to skilled workplace consultants can assist businesses by ensuring neutrality, objectivity, and ensuring there is a clear distinction between the business and the parties in dispute.

For further information refer to our workplace services page.