About Us

Hammond Taylor is a full-service immigration law firm specialising in corporate immigration services.

We offer a range of customised immigration solutions for national and international businesses including visa services, strategic advice, audit, monitoring, training, and compliance. Our principal lawyers have more than 20 years’ combined specialist experience in immigration law matters and an in-depth understanding of the complex way migration law and policy interact. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers, migration agents, and support staff have the skills and understanding needed to support you through the immigration process.


Jackson Taylor, a partner at Hammond Taylor, provides an overview of his role and his unique perspective on Hammond Taylor’s DNA.

Understanding your needs

Many Hammond Taylor staff are migrants themselves and understand the challenges of moving to Australia. Our tailored services will ensure a smooth transition for you and your family.

Helping organisations in Australia flourish

We also understand Australian business and the challenges of finding highly skilled staff to support organisations to grow and flourish. Our experience with businesses of all sizes, across many sectors of the economy, can help you understand the best migration options for your business. Hammond Taylor is a full service immigration law firm

Understanding global mobility

We understand the key role global mobility plays for our clients. We understand the importance of delivering seamless immigration services for corporate assignments and relocations. Our transparent process, customisable systems, and ability to work with other service providers mean that clients can be assured of receiving excellent service and outcomes.

A strategic approach to corporate immigration

Our experience with corporate immigration services means we understand the importance of strategic immigration planning, end-to-end case management, compliance, and providing clients with a holistic understanding of the immigration landscape. We can provide corporate clients with tailored immigration solutions to ensure in-house systems comply with regulatory requirements, including customised immigration policies, policy review and audit, and face-to-face immigration training.